Friday, November 6, 2009

Raging Slab - s/t (RCA, 1989)

This stuff was made in...New York City?

Like a Mexican restaurant that serves guitar riffs with tortilla chips, the 'Slab dip into eleven plates of power chords smeared with thick 'n' chunky picante sauce. Producer Daniel Rey must've morphed into Ted Templeman, since the free-for-all good times of Montrose's classic debut leave their stains all over the place. Indeed, Gregory Strzempka's strong pipes recall a young 'n' hungry Sammy Hagar on offerings like "Don't Dog Me" and "Joy Ride." Both are hard, sweet and sticky chunks of rock candy with simple-yet-sly lyricism. Another highlight of the party platter is Elyse Steinman slidin' her way across some tasty lines of bottleneck guitar.

The laid-back element is sure to go down smoother than a Corona with lime wedge for aficionados of Foghat. Looking for somethin' raunchy? "Get Off My Jollies" strokes heavy-as-shit Molly Hatchet/Blackfoot axe work that cums at you like a two-ton sac of scrotum. Dunno what the hell a dobro solo is or even the instrument in question, but there's a killer one in "Sorry's All I Got." No apologies are necessary. "Love Comes Loose" has Greg alone with an acoustic-laden blooz, while the rest of the band partakes in recreational pleasures. "Geronimo" sees the main character walking down Fifth Avenue and "eating danger like it tastes alright." The Apache leader's fun in the Big Apple lasts until he "kissed the sidewalk with his blood."

If an album is to be judged by its cover, then Raging Slab are guilty of suvvern-fried rock 'n' roll in the first degree.

Grab a rope.
- Gunther 8544

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